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TCO Features in This Month's Local News

Press release of TCO's launch in December's edition of Local News.
Press release of TCO's launch in December's edition of Local News.

We're very excited to announce our first press coverage of the Trent Chamber Orchestra which is featured in this month's edition of Local News. In this article Derek Williams the director and conductor of the Trent Chamber Orchestra talks about the creation of the TCO, why he felt West Bridgford could benefit from a new orchestra and his goal to encourage a new generation of players.

The article also goes on to introduce key members of the orchestra including Erin Vinter a native of West Bridgford and an extremely talented violist currently in her 2nd year at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Erin will also be the viola soloist for Italian Serenade, our inaugural concert in January 2023.

A big thank you to Mark at Local News for helping spread the word.

Article Excerpt

"It’s a rare event when a new orchestra is launched but that’s what’s happening in the next couple of months. What’s more, the Trent Chamber Orchestra will be launched here in West Bridgford. The orchestra’s Artistic Director, Derek Williams, is no stranger to Nottingham audiences. He is about to embark on his 40th year as Music Director of the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra. They’ll be having a special concert to celebrate that but more of that another time. Derek also co-founded Nottingham Youth Orchestra (NYO) and ran that for 28

years until his retirement in 2013. Derek explained:

“Starting a new orchestra is generally not the sort of thing one does at the age of 72 but this opportunity just came my way so I’ve taken it onto the next stage."
"I’ve always worked with talented children so I plan to showcase those at the start of their careers."

First up is Erin Vinter who grew up in West Bridgford. She’s in her 2nd Year at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. More about her next month's Local News. Trent Chamber Orchestra’s first concert will be on Sunday, Jan 15th at 3.00 pm at the Rushcliffe Arena."


Italian Serenade Promotion

Italian Serenade

Sun, 15 Jan 15:00 - 16:30 | Rushcliffe Arena

Welcome to Trent Chamber Orchestra's inaugural concert. Our first programme is a mixture of exuberance and lyricism. Rossini composed his opera Italian Girl in Algiers in less than a month when he was just 21. His popular overture is known for its mischievous quiet pizzicato then sudden chords similar to Haydn's Surprise Symphony.


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